Where is Anguilla…Sandy Island

Where is Anguilla….Sandy Island

Sandy Island is a beautiful island off the coast of Anguilla. This island is fairly small measuring only 25 by 150 yards. It is a quiet place to enjoy a swim, sunbathing, a lobster lunch, or a drink at the beach bar.

The Restaurant on Sandy Island:

It offers the widest lunch menu of all shore cays around Anguilla. Burry your toes in soft white sand and enjoy the ocean view while you eat high quality food and beverage service.

The BAR on Sandy Island:

Who knew in the middle of the ocean you could enjoy ice cold beers, delicious island cocktails and rums from across the Caribbean regions.

How to get to Sandy Island:

You can take the Sandy Island Sea Shuttle, a private boat or a local chartered boat to get to Sandy Island. Contact us for more information.

Fun Fact About Sandy Island:

Sandy Island was featured on the 2011 Valentine’s Day episode of The Bachelor.

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