Where is Anguilla?…Where Romance Happens!


Where is Anguilla?….Where Romance Happens!

Romance is everywhere on the beautiful island of Anguilla. So much that the TV show The Bachelor decided that Anguilla would be the perfect location to film their Valentine’s Day special.

Where is Anguilla…Romantic Island

There are many romantic islands just off Anguilla but one of the most romantic islands has to be Sandy Island. This is one of the locations where The Bachelor was filmed. It is a very private island that offers a quiet location and a restaurant/bar that offers scrumptious food such as fresh lobster and fun island cocktails! Enjoy a romantic ocean view and breathtaking sunset as you burry your toes in the white sand while enjoying a cocktail and lounging with your love.

Where is Anguilla…Romantic Beach

One romantic beach you won’t want to miss is Shoal Bay Beach. It offers some of the most premier stretches of sand in the Caribbean and is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Where is Anguilla…Romantic Restaurant

For a unique and romantic dinging experience you must try Hibernia, which is both a restaurant and art gallery! They recently purchased the wine collection from the very prestigious Malliouhana Hotel. Great wine always adds romance!

Where is Anguilla…Romantic Places to Stay

What could be more romantic then staying at a mansion that overlooks the ocean and offers a personal staff? Stay at 7 Palms Villa and have a romantic experience of a lifetime!

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