Why Vacation in Anguilla?


Why Vacation in Anguilla?

The answer is a no brainer! Anguilla was recently chosen as one of the TOP TEN ISLANDS IN THE WORLD! Top Ten Islands in itself pretty much says it all but wait there is more.

Anguilla was also on the list of the TOP 25 BEACHES IN THE WORLD and The TOP 10 MOST FAMOUS BEACHES OF THE WORLD!

If that isn’t enough to convince you Anguilla is known for its world class dining at Anguilla’s astonishing new resorts, energized restaurant scene or that you can enjoy at your own private mansion or villa retreats such as 7 Palms Villa where your private chef will cook for you.

If you love to golf you won’t want to miss playing on the new CuisinArt Golf Club designed by non other then Greg Norman. It offers a truly Caribbean golf experience where sand, wind and water meet with Anguilla’s natural beauty.

Of course Anguilla is also the best place to relax and enjoy countless spas and tranquil beaches.

Why Vacation on Anguilla:

  • Top 10 Islands in the World
  • Top 25 Beaches in the World
  • Top 10 Most Famous Beaches in the World
  • World Class Dining
  • Greg Norman Golf Course
  • Relaxation

Other Reasons to Visit Anguilla:

  • It is a small, safe island
  • Friendly People
  • English language
  • US Currency
  • 110 Volt Electricity
  • 33 gorgeous beaches
  • Only 7 miles from St. Martin, which is the French Rivera of the Caribbean
  • Conveniently located

Why wouldn’t you want to relax on a vacation on an island that is rated one of the top islands in the world with the top beaches in the world that offers world class dining, and a new world class Greg Norman designed golf course? The answer is you wouldn’t! Fill out the contact form below to get more information on booking your trip to Anguilla today!

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Where is Anguilla?…The Perfect Spot For Travel Therapy


Where is Anguilla?…The Perfect Spot For Travel Therapy!

Are you stressed and needing a break from work? Anguilla beaches are the perfect location to go for your travel therapy and enjoy relaxation and rejuvenation. Anguilla is known to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Anguilla beaches are perfect for those desiring a quiet time with few around…in other words beaches that are not packed with your typical noisy beach goers. Enjoy watching this short video that showcases some of the top Anguilla Beaches, including Rendezvous Bay, Maundays Bay, Meads Bay, Sandy Island, Limestone Bay, Little Bay, and Shoal Bay East. Learn about what these fantastic beaches offer and why Anguilla Beaches are the perfect getaway for those wanting a laid back, care free vacation.


Need a place to stay during our visit to Anguilla? Try 7 Palms Villa that is located by Shoal Beach, one of the recommended beaches from the video. Let the relaxation and rejuvenation continue from the beach to your private Villa! Fill out the form below for more information on staying at 7 Palms Villa or information on any Anguilla Beaches.

Where is Anguilla?…Where Romance Happens!


Where is Anguilla?….Where Romance Happens!

Romance is everywhere on the beautiful island of Anguilla. So much that the TV show The Bachelor decided that Anguilla would be the perfect location to film their Valentine’s Day special.

Where is Anguilla…Romantic Island

There are many romantic islands just off Anguilla but one of the most romantic islands has to be Sandy Island. This is one of the locations where The Bachelor was filmed. It is a very private island that offers a quiet location and a restaurant/bar that offers scrumptious food such as fresh lobster and fun island cocktails! Enjoy a romantic ocean view and breathtaking sunset as you burry your toes in the white sand while enjoying a cocktail and lounging with your love.

Where is Anguilla…Romantic Beach

One romantic beach you won’t want to miss is Shoal Bay Beach. It offers some of the most premier stretches of sand in the Caribbean and is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Where is Anguilla…Romantic Restaurant

For a unique and romantic dinging experience you must try Hibernia, which is both a restaurant and art gallery! They recently purchased the wine collection from the very prestigious Malliouhana Hotel. Great wine always adds romance!

Where is Anguilla…Romantic Places to Stay

What could be more romantic then staying at a mansion that overlooks the ocean and offers a personal staff? Stay at 7 Palms Villa and have a romantic experience of a lifetime!

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Shoal Bay Anguilla


Shoal Bay Anguilla

The beaches on Shoal Bay Anguilla are some of the premier stretches of sand in the Caribbean and are considered to be some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The area is called Shoal Bay because of the shoals and reefs just off the coast. These reefs protect the beach from the choppy seas and make for some great snorkeling and a good place for kids on a family vacation. You’ll find beautiful white coral sand with very tiny fragments of pure white shell giving the beach of Shoal Bay Anguilla a distinctive sheen, crystal blue water and even live music on the beaches of Shoal Bay Anguilla. All of this makes it the most popular beach on Anguilla attracting locals, tourists and day trippers from St. Martin.

Some activities at the beach in Shoal Bay Anguilla include renting shaded lounge chairs, seeing the reefs on a glass bottom boat, listening to live music or going snorkeling. Shoal Bay Anguilla also offers many restaurants, bars/clubs, hotels and villas along the beach. You can have a relaxing time or a little more of an exciting time, it is completely up to you but Shoal Bay Anguilla offers something for everyone.

Do you need a place to stay while you visit Anguilla? Take a look at 7 Palms Villa, an amazing mansion that can be rented out for the ultimate Anguilla experience.

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Where is Anguilla?

Where is Anguilla?

When Anguilla is mentioned you will either know where it is or you’ll ask the question “Where is Anguilla?” For those of you familiar with Anguilla you know that is it the best kept secret in the Caribbean which is exactly why those not familiar will ask the question “Where is Anguilla?”

Where is Anguilla?

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Anguilla is located in the Caribbean approximately 170 miles east of Puerto Rico and 5 miles north of the French side of St. Martin/St. Maarten. Take just a 20 minute ferry ride between Anguilla and St. Martin. This exquisite island is merely 16 miles long and 3 miles wide. You are welcomed by rolling hills covered by sparse vegetation and some of the most exquisite white sand beaches in the Caribbean and undisturbed reefs for snorkeling and diving.

Where is Anguilla?

-In The Caribbean

-170 Miles East of Puerto Rico

-5 Miles North of St. Martin/St. Maarten

-20 Minute Ferry Ride to St. Martin/St. Maarten

Interested in learning more about Where is Anguilla? Want to find out how to get to Anguilla? Fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch to answer any questions you have!

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