Where is Anguilla…Get There By Flying Into the Anguilla Airport

Anguilla Airport

Where is Anguilla…Get There By Flying Into the Anguilla Airport

The Anguilla Airport is something you would see in the movies. Charming, cozy, picture-perfect with friendly workers is how many describe the Anguilla Airport. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that even the custom agents are friendly! Because the original Anguilla Airport was so small and had such a short runway it only allowed for prop planes to land.

There have been several updates to the Anguilla Airport. The first was in 2005 when the runway was extended to allow for larger planes and even jets to be able to land. Then on July 4, 2010 the name of the Anguilla Airport was changed from Wallblake Airport to Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport in remembrance of Anguilla Airport‘s first pilot.

When flying to Anguilla Airport you will usually travel through Puerto Rico or a smaller Caribbean airlines directly from other islands. American Eagle is the major airline that flys into Anguilla Airport. Otherwise you can fly your own personal jet directly into Anguilla Airport. Although some people feel that having a mega-airport on the island would make air travel directly to Anguilla much easier it would spoil the island and Anguilla would lose some of the little things that make it special.

Fill out the contact form or call 210-860-1775 if you would like more information on flying into the Anguilla Airport.

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