Scilly Cay Is a Unique Lunchtime Experience with Fresh Food!

Scilly Cay Restaurant is located on a tiny inlet in the middle of the village of Island Harbour. The coral based island of Scilly Cay is unique in that the island has low vegetation and a tiny sand beach and no electricity. Since there is no electricity the restaurant offers food that is fresh and prepared daily on authentic Anguilla grills. Sea grape leaves line your plate and you’ll enjoy fresh fruit, and grilled lobster, crayfish or chicken.

When you first arrive at Scilly Cay you need to partake in their famous Rhum Punch. With a fully stocked bar there are many other beverage choices as well but this is a must try. The Scilly Cay menu is very simple but includes delicacies that are tastefully prepared and delicious.

Their menu includes:

Anguilla Lobster that is caught fresh by their fishermen and kept alive until you are ready to eat them.

Crayfish that are also caught fresh daily.

Marinated Half Chicken that is grilled with special Scilly Cay sauce.

If you order 48 hours ahead of time you can also enjoy fresh snapper that is delicately steamed on the grill with vegetables.

Every dish is served with pasta salad, fresh fruits and garlic bread served over a bed of green grape leaves.


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