One Way to Get to Anguilla- The Anguilla Ferry System

One way of getting to Anguilla is taking the Anguilla Ferry from St. Martin, however that also means you can just as easily take the Anguilla Ferry for a day trip to neighboring island St. Martin, Sint Maarten and enjoy a day of shopping and other festivities. The Anguilla Ferry is coordinated by the Anguilla Government Immigration and Customs and operated by several independent boat owners.

There is no way to reserve a specific seat. Some of the ferries have open upper decks. Fees for the Anguilla Ferry are:

Daytrippers tax (you are visiting St. Martin and will return the same day) is $5 US

If this trip is your final departure there is a final departure tax of $20/adult and $10/child US.

Ferry Price: $15/per ticket on way, Children ages 1-8 years $8 US

For daytrips the Anguilla Ferry starts operating at 7:00 AM everyday and run every half hour until the last Anguilla Ferry leaves at 6:15 PM and returns from St. Martin at 7:00 PM. Here is the approximate schedule for the Anguilla Ferry that leaves from Blowing Point:

7:30 First Ferry
12 Noon
6:15 Last Ferry

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