Meads Bay Beach is One of the Most Loved Beaches of Anguilla

Meads Bay Beach was recently featured as one of the most loved beaches of the beautiful island of Anguilla. Meads Bay Beach offers an unforgettable semi-circle of white sand beach with two resorts at either end. Malliouhana is on the eastern tip and Cocoloba is on the western end. You can enjoy nice strolls on the beach, you can catch some rays, cool down in the water or go to one of the beach bars at one of the resorts. Meads Bay Beach also has a perfect location for families wanting to swim. Referred to as the swimming hole, the water in this area is especially calm, warm, clear and fairly secluded. One of our favorites that you can find on Meads Bay Beach is Jacala, which is a fabulous restaurant known for their “steak-frites.” They are open for lunch and dinner. Enjoy this short video of Meads Bay Beach filmed near Jacala.

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