Why Vacation in Anguilla?


Why Vacation in Anguilla?

The answer is a no brainer! Anguilla was recently chosen as one of the TOP TEN ISLANDS IN THE WORLD! Top Ten Islands in itself pretty much says it all but wait there is more.

Anguilla was also on the list of the TOP 25 BEACHES IN THE WORLD and The TOP 10 MOST FAMOUS BEACHES OF THE WORLD!

If that isn’t enough to convince you Anguilla is known for its world class dining at Anguilla’s astonishing new resorts, energized restaurant scene or that you can enjoy at your own private mansion or villa retreats such as 7 Palms Villa where your private chef will cook for you.

If you love to golf you won’t want to miss playing on the new CuisinArt Golf Club designed by non other then Greg Norman. It offers a truly Caribbean golf experience where sand, wind and water meet with Anguilla’s natural beauty.

Of course Anguilla is also the best place to relax and enjoy countless spas and tranquil beaches.

Why Vacation on Anguilla:

  • Top 10 Islands in the World
  • Top 25 Beaches in the World
  • Top 10 Most Famous Beaches in the World
  • World Class Dining
  • Greg Norman Golf Course
  • Relaxation

Other Reasons to Visit Anguilla:

  • It is a small, safe island
  • Friendly People
  • English language
  • US Currency
  • 110 Volt Electricity
  • 33 gorgeous beaches
  • Only 7 miles from St. Martin, which is the French Rivera of the Caribbean
  • Conveniently located

Why wouldn’t you want to relax on a vacation on an island that is rated one of the top islands in the world with the top beaches in the world that offers world class dining, and a new world class Greg Norman designed golf course? The answer is you wouldn’t! Fill out the contact form below to get more information on booking your trip to Anguilla today!

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Meads Bay Beach is One of the Most Loved Beaches of Anguilla

Meads Bay Beach

Meads Bay Beach was recently featured as one of the most loved beaches of the beautiful island of Anguilla. Meads Bay Beach offers an unforgettable semi-circle of white sand beach with two resorts at either end. Malliouhana is on the eastern tip and Cocoloba is on the western end. You can enjoy nice strolls on the beach, you can catch some rays, cool down in the water or go to one of the beach bars at one of the resorts. Meads Bay Beach also has a perfect location for families wanting to swim. Referred to as the swimming hole, the water in this area is especially calm, warm, clear and fairly secluded. One of our favorites that you can find on Meads Bay Beach is Jacala, which is a fabulous restaurant known for their “steak-frites.” They are open for lunch and dinner. Enjoy this short video of Meads Bay Beach filmed near Jacala.

Need a place to stay during our visit to Anguilla? Try 7 Palms Villa that is located by Shoal Beach. Enjoy breath taking ocean views from your own private Villa! Fill out the form below for more information on staying at 7 Palms Villa or more information on Meads Bay Beach.

Where is Anguilla…Sandy Island

Where is Anguilla

Where is Anguilla….Sandy Island

Sandy Island is a beautiful island off the coast of Anguilla. This island is fairly small measuring only 25 by 150 yards. It is a quiet place to enjoy a swim, sunbathing, a lobster lunch, or a drink at the beach bar.

The Restaurant on Sandy Island:

It offers the widest lunch menu of all shore cays around Anguilla. Burry your toes in soft white sand and enjoy the ocean view while you eat high quality food and beverage service.

The BAR on Sandy Island:

Who knew in the middle of the ocean you could enjoy ice cold beers, delicious island cocktails and rums from across the Caribbean regions.

How to get to Sandy Island:

You can take the Sandy Island Sea Shuttle, a private boat or a local chartered boat to get to Sandy Island. Contact us for more information.

Fun Fact About Sandy Island:

Sandy Island was featured on the 2011 Valentine’s Day episode of The Bachelor.

Interested in learning more about Where is Anguilla? Want to find out how to get to Anguilla? Fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch to answer any questions you have!

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